Three Ways to stimulate the Clitoris

by Clitoris on August 13, 2010

Clitoral StimulationEven a beginner can come up with numerous different ways to stroke the clitoris. More often than not, the ideal kind of clitoral touching has something to do with the woman’s taste, and the man’s ability. What the man and the woman must remember is that the clitoris is the ultimate hot button of a woman. Every type of excitation directed in direction of the clitoris has the potential to cause female orgasm. The clitoris is the feminine seat of pleasure so you ought to know more about the types of stimulation that can ignite climax.

Expert handling of the clitoris can lead to orgasms. here are some techniques you can use to stroke a woman’s clitoris…

Types of Clitoral Excitation

1. Manual Stimulation

Soft friction over the whole vulva leads to indirect clitoral contact. This can be done by means of the fingers, or the palm. For the latter, the man can rub his palm on the vaginal lips, with his fingers pointing downward. The fleshy part of his hand will be putting pressure on the pubic mound, causing indirect fondling of the clitoris. Continuing with this can result in the softer type of clitoral orgasm.

For using the fingers, the man can place the forefinger and the middle finger on both sides of the clitoris and move them up and down on the susceptible skin. A soft massage with a wet finger can also bring about orgasm. Direct contact with the clitoris can be done when the woman is nearing orgasm.

Clitoral Stimulation2. Excitation by Mouth

There are a few rules you must follow when doing oral sex. First of all, never nip the clitoris, no matter how gentle. Since the clitoris is very sensitive, biting the tip will make it sore. A number of women can endure this due to a thick prepuce (the anatomical counterpart of the foreskin in a woman), but most women prefer gentle handling of the clitoris.

Is sucking gratifying for women? Some women like it when their partner sucks the clitoris, but some women would rather have continuous licking. Gentle licking should be done while the woman is reaching climax, and then sucking can be done when the woman is almost there.

A tongue massage is the safest way to stimulate a woman by oral sex. The common way is rubbing the clitoris with the silky tip of the tongue. To mix things up, the man can drink cold or hot water before doing this. The man can further stimulate the woman by tickling the other parts of the genital zone apart from the clitoris

3. Sex Toys

One of the best ways to excite the clitoris is by the use of sex toys. Several models are available but the most common ones are strap ons and hand held variations. The tongue dildo in particular looks like a lipstick case that a woman can use anywhere. Bulkier ones like the hitachi magic wand have rounded, pulsating tips meant for clitoral stroking. Among different vibrator models, the most popular one would be the rabbit-ear dildo. The flaps are for touching the clitoris, while the main body of the dildo is for penetration.


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