How to Stimulate Your Clitoral Region

by Clitoris on July 30, 2010

Clitoral StimulationSelf-service is a woman’s way of learning what excites her and what exactly she needs to do during sex to reach orgasm. Women who masturbate are more able to climax faster during sex because they are familiar with the stimuli they need to climax.

Stimulators are not always available but you can always use your hands during self-service. Don’t feel dirty or guilty when masturbating, it’s a natural act. Masturbation is a personal thing that could make sex better.

Excite Your Clitoris

Signals that lead to pleasure are transmitted from the clitoral region to the mind. Female orgasm has always been connected with expert clitoral fondling. However, there are proper ways and improper means of handling the clitoris.

1. Stroke the Clitoral Region With a Lubricated Finger

Even throughout rough copulation, the man and the woman must make certain that the clitoris does not become sore. A lubricant or saliva must be applied on the sensitive surface of the clitoris prior to fondling.

The clitoral glans is the pink tip of the clitoris. This part can easily be desensitized by too much abrasion. When you open out the lips of the clitoral region to expose the pink tip, make sure you wet your finger. All the anatomical fixtures to keep the clitoral region from getting exposed may have a purpose. This may be for the reason that exposure of the glans to the elements may bring about the female discomfort more than delight.

2. Open out the Lips

By putting pressure on the mound, one can feel indirect clitoral stimulation. Underneath the place where pubic hair grows is the region of the clitoris. By steadily massaging this spot, the vibrations will achieve the clitoris indirectly.

If the clitoris is limp you won’t be able to feel it. The tissues of the clitoris stiffens up when touched.

3. Begin with the Surrounding Tissue

Fondle the gonad area and the inner and outer lips before fondling the clitoris. Doing it this way wiill prepare the clitoral region for intimate touching..

Slide two fingers on the skin adjoining the clitoral region to rhythmically pull back the skin covering the clitoris bit by bit. Rhythmic actions will let the clitoris peek out from the prepuce.


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