Finding the Clitoris

by Clitoris on July 25, 2010

A woman’s clitoris is extremely sensitive to touch. Even during sex, the internal parts of the clitoris are touched, creating feelings gratifying enough to result in orgasm.

Where on the feminine body is the clitoris found?

How to Find the Clitoris

It takes patience to locate the clitoris if it’s your first time. Viewing a woman’s frontal region will only show you pubic hair and a mound of flesh. Under this mound are external and inner lips, the vaginal lips (minora and majora). The plump fold covered with hair is made up of the external lips, while the inner lips reside within the fold.

At the peak of the inner labia is the clitoris. This region is cushioned by the muscles of mons pubis (the mound). The clitoris, when not distended, can easily be mistaken as a part of the inner labia. These inner labia are pressed together in a kind of pleat.

Exploration of the inner labia with fingertips or mouth should reveal the little pink knob known as the clitoris. The inner labia themselves may range in color from pale peach to mauve, burgundy, or dark chocolate during the period of excitement. The inner lips become more folded after birthing.

The inner lips may be more creased in some females, and they may even peep out from the folds and be visible through the pubic hair. The inner labia should tighten during excitement, revealing the clitoris. You may see a fleshy knob-like mound at the top part. If the clitoris is completely erect, a small pea-sized pink tip is evident.

If you are exploring, a woman’s clitoris can be visible when the lips (both inner and outer) are spread open. But some women have a thick protective skin over their clitoris. During sex, when the female is in a state of excitement, the clitoris engorges and swells out. A man need not peel back the prepuce to reveal the pink tip, but for some females this is necessary.

Like the penis, the clitoris may look large, small, weirdly shaped, heart-shaped, pea-like etc. Touching the part that’s enclosed with skin results in pleasure, but directly stroking the exposed tip may send an electric shock throughout the woman’s body. The tip of the clitoris is called glans, and it contains around eight thousand nerve endings. One must make certain the clitoris is partially erect before exploration to make the pink tip more noticeable.

Exploration from the top is also possible. Just follow the line of the mound going to the anus.

How To Find The Clitoris: Video

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