Clitoral Stimulation With Fingers

by Clitoris on July 30, 2010

Clitoral Stimulation With FingersThe clitoris is the most receptive part of the female genitalia. A skilled finger on the clitoris can result in intense orgasms, and even numerous orgasms. But for a clitoral orgasm to occur, several conditions must be fulfilled.

Even when the penetration is violent, the man and the female must ensure that the clitoris doesn’t become sore. Whenever the man or the woman touches the clitoris, lubrication must be used.

The visible pink tip of the clitoris is referred to as the glans. Too much friction on this spot will cause numbness. The glans is visible only when the lips of the vagina are spread wide and the prepuce encasing the pink tip of the clitoris is pulled back slightly. There must be a reason why the clitoris is protected by so many folds and physiological structures. This may be for the reason that exposure of the glans to the elements may cause the woman pain more than pleasure.

Orgasm is difficult to attain if the clitoris is sore. the glans is responsive because of the dense network of nerves residing under the skin of the clitoris. Instead of pleasure, the woman feels a scorching pain, like that she would experience when she gets burned.

There are many methods to use fingers for stimulating the clitoris and increasing erotic enjoyment. One way of doing this is by putting pressure on the mound using two fingers. The mound is the hairy, fleshy part of the feminine genitalia, and just past it is the fold of skin encasing the clitoris. When the mound is massaged erotically, the vaginal lips covering the clitoris on both sides as well as the muscular tissues on the mound itself press on the clitoris. A soft, pleasant massage is felt by the woman. The trick is to apply steady pressure and adopting a decent rhythm.

Fondling the vulva with the whole palm, can result in improved clitoral sensitivity. If the female is already in a fairly high state of arousal, these accidental brushing of the clitoris can send a jolt of pleasure. If this is done to warm the woman up, five minutes of gentle vulva fondling can increase the woman’s state of arousal.

Massaging the region on both sides of the clitoris can also lead to orgasm. Up and down movement will promote further engorgement of the clitoris until the pink tip peeks through the taut prepuce covering it. Clitoral massage can also be done internally by placing two fingers and feeling for the g spot. This is best done through oral sex.


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