Clitoral Stimulation During Oral Sex

by Clitoris on August 20, 2010

Oral SexOral sex is one of the best ways to result in pleasure during sex. Oral stimulation of the clitoral region means going down on the woman, spreading her legs and gently unfolding her inner lips. Soft pressure on the clitoris may lead to immediate orgasms.

It doesn’t take much clitoral excitation to make the female feel pleasure, this is because the clitoral region is extremely sensitive to touch. The clitoral region also becomes sore fast if the oral excitation is done wrong. A good technique is imperative for inducing pleasure via oral clitoral stimulation, and lessening the probability of discomfort .

Clitoral stimulation through oral sex is one of the main parts for the woman. Oral clitoral excitation typically feels good when female is already in a fairly high state of arousal. A good genital massage starts slow, with the mouth working on the female’s genitals and the hands caressing the woman elsewhere.

How to stimulate the clitoris With Your Mouth

1. Do Not Bite the Clitoris

A man should understand that the clitoral region is as responsive or even more responsive than the penis. When massaging her clitoral region, learn what part of it feels best to her. But one thing that is common among women is that they don’t want teeth grazing their clitoris.

Oral Sex2. Tongue Massage

Circling the tongue all over the area of the clitoral region will send a woman reeling. Rather than use lube, the man should use the natural wetness of his tongue to provide good clitoral excitation. To mix things up, the man can concentrate on licking the clitoral region while his fingers play with the internal and outer lips. Some females find that clitoral orgasms feel better if the vagina is pleasantly stimulated.

3. Should You Suck on the Clitoris?

Knowing that the penis and the clitoral region are made up of identical tissues, some men assume that sucking is equally pleasing for women. The concept of giving a female head by sucking appeals to some females but not all. Normally, women expect the men to gently suck the clitoral region, but not to the point that it becomes too painful to bear.

One ideal way of oral clitoral excitation is to follow the inner labia upward up to the clitoris . The skin covering or enfolding the clitoral region should never be forced open. The inner lips tauten and retract naturally during oral sex, which means a man need not try too hard to uncover the clitoris.


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