Clitoral Excitation With Sex Tools

by Clitoris on July 30, 2010

Clitoral StimulationClitoral vibrator is any tool that is used to excite the clitoris and result in sexual pleasure. Females who have felt the effects of these toys have been more than contented with “finally” experiencing clitoral orgasm. Styles of clitoral dildos diverge from strap-on to hand-held designs.

A strap-on vibrator can be worn by the man during sex. The pulsating signals from the contraption stimulate the clitoris during sex. A pocket rocket is any tiny, hand-held vibrator that doesn’t look anything like a normal vibrator. It isn’t supposed to be inserted and the lump-like protrusions can simply be pressed on the vagina to result in climax. A pulsating bullet is a small plastic or metal stimulator that is shaped like a missile, and attached by a cord to a battery pack. Clitoral stimulators can also be appendages on regular vibrators that vibrate or rub against the clitoris.

Tips on Choosing the Best Clitoral Stimulator for You

There is an overwhelming selection of clitoral stimulators in the market nowadays. Fortunately, the styles are easy to pick out and anyone can tell at a glance what each part of the model is for. Here are some tips.

1.    Strap Ons

There are models that leave the hands free to do something else while the clitoris gets stimulated. Hands-free clitoral dildos are also called strap-on stimulators. Some are built-in, i.e. the underwear is a part of the sex toy. Whether playing alone or with a partner, having something like this can help with stimulation. The best ones have remote controls and can be inserted into any underwear or pair of shorts.

There are also pulsating erection rings that will fit the man’s penis when erect. These stimulators have tiny nodes that send pulsing vibrations to the clitoral area.

2.    Hands-on vibrators

During oral sex, a female can climax faster if her clitoris is touched using fingertip massagers or micro-bullets. There are also dual-action varieties with protrusions that can be used for sex and flaps that excite the clitoris.

3.    Material for Your Sex Toy

If you want gentler sensations, go for jelly-like substance or soft rubber. Some strap-ons are made of these materials to look and feel more like the penis. Get a sex toy made of material that won’t get damaged by your favorite lubricant. To be safe, stick to water based lubes like KY Jelly. Rubber vibrators are typically impermeable, but always check the wrapper for warnings.

Plastic stimulators can be used if the woman can take stronger vibrators. If not, she ought to stick with rubber. Plastic and metal stimulators are usually big. Get the designs with pulsatronic controllers so that you can modify the pulsation intensity as needed.

4.    Choose based on size.

Tiny vibrators are perfect if you’re traveling. You won’t need to feel embarrassed about other people looking at them during baggage inspection because they look like standard make up frills. Reserve the big ones for when you’re in your own home or in a more private place.


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